Happy 25th Anniversary PAPA!


PAPA Through The Years

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The very beginning! PAPA's roots way back in 1995 and its first project: to clean up Richards Lane Park.

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PAPA's first basketball team!

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PAPA sponsors an event with THE Steve Forbes to raise food donations!

Founder Ken Winston receives the first ever Teen Enterprise Award from the Phoenixville Area Chamber of Commerce!

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First Father's Day Celebration!

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Richards Lane is renamed  the C'Jon Saunders Memorial Park.

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Ski trip to Big Boulder Mountain!

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The start of the Summer Basketball League!

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PAPA receives a grant to support girls through their after school programs!

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S.A.F.E. Summer Camp.

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Founder Ken Winston facilitated police sensitivity workshops in Phoenixville.

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The 1999 summer basketball league begins!

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The first annual C'Jon Saunders Memorial Basketball Tournmanent in October 2000.

PAPA's Fathers Workshop honored the dads who took the time to participate and grow!

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Ken Winston receives a Citizen Recognition Award in 2003.

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PAPA plays with Legos!

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PAPA continues to grow, and we see the effects of the C'Jon Saunders Park on the Phoenixville community!

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PAPA volunteer and eventual board member Jon Kandrick was recognized for his incredible volunteer work!

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A donation to PAPA from the police department!

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The story of the inspiration of S.A.F.E.

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Summer basketball league 2003 heads to the finals!

8th annual Father's Day celebration!

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PAPA's first all girl basketball team!


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The C'Jon Saunders scholarship receives funding from basketball tournament.


C'Jon Saunders Memorial Park 


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