Newsletter Vol. 2

A Day At Camp...

 Breakfast is the best way to start our day at camp! After breakfast we enjoy having free-time. Playing with all our new and old friends. Sometimes we play an exciting game of UNO or we play a challenging  game of Twister. No matter the game, conversation, or activity, free-time is a fun time.

At our camp we have fun filled activities and events every day of the week like spelling bees and talent shows! 

Wet and Wild Water Wednesday!!!

During the week, our camp is full of a variety of activities.  One activity that all of the campers enjoyed was our weekly Water Wednesday.  Our water day consisted of multiple fun games, such as water relays, water balloon tosses, drip drip drop, and the ultimate camp favorite, the slip and slide!  Wednesday’s couldn’t be more fun!



“My favorite part of Water Wednesday is the slip and slide, because it is fun and to get all slippery and fall” – Kaylee


“I like the slip and slide because it’s wet and it cools you off” – Aden


Adventurous Friday Field Trips...

Learning is FUN!!!

At camp learning is fun! Discovering new words is not like homework! Learning at camp is an exciting game! Every day we have a mini spelling bee with prizes! The competition is fun! When we spell the words of the day correctly we are awarded with candy!! 


Pictured Above - this years spelling bee winners! 

Barnstone Art for Kids provides a 6-week program at our camp!!

Every Friday, S.A.F.E. camp goes on an exciting new adventure. This year we traveled to Marsh Creek Pool, threw some strikes, spares, and gutter balls at Limerick Bowling Alley. Other adventures included slipping and sliding at Center Ice Skate Rink, and meeting wild and exotic animals thanks to the traveling zoo visit. 

“My favorite field trip was Marsh Creek because I got to catch a tan" - NAVEAH

“My favorite field trip was bowling because I like the lights and I am good at bowling" - JAYLA

“My favorite field trip was Marsh Creek because it cooled me off" - JAFIQ 

Our Counselors... aka Big Brothers & Sisters

Camp would not be possible without the help of our counselors.  Each of them bring their own unique personalities making camp more enjoyable, and a place the campers wanted to be.  Without these 5 amazing young adults S.A.F.E. wouldn't be as successful as it was this summer! 


"My favorite counselor is Jordan because he always nice to me, and I got to know him alot" - Zaine


"My favorite counselor is Clay, because he is my best buddy!" - Amanda 


"My favorite counselor is Taylor, because she is nice and runs everything." - Kamryn 


"My favorite counselor is Nicole, because she is silly and nice." - Hannah


"I don't have a favorite councilor because they are all great" - Jayla  

***Articles were contributed and written by S.A.F.E. campers, with the help of counselors***

                  Sponsored by: The Phoenixville Community Education Foundation